Aligned Grant Partners

Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Greater London Authority

Grants have been awarded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation with aligned funding from Greater London Authority for the London Immigration Advice Network Coordinator posts. This will be delivered as part of the Justice Together Initiative with the aim of a more accessible, sustainable, collaborative, and coordinated immigration sector.  

Two organisations, Praxis and Coram Children’s Legal Centre have been awarded three-year grants to deliver programmes from 2021 that will coordinate the immigration advice sector in London to improve accessibility and capacity via greater collaboration. 

Praxis – Building capacity to work with migrants in grassroots organisations.  

Praxis  will draw on its expertise of working with non-immigration accredited and grassroots organisations to build their knowledge and capacity.  The programme will help to better identify people with immigration issues and improve organisations’ ability to respond and make better referrals to immigration providers by developing infrastructure that supports collaboration. 

Coram Children’s Legal Centre – Improving immigration advice for children, young people, and families in London.  

The project plans to improve how children, young people and families experience immigration advice in London.  Its primary purpose is to create a more effective network of immigration advice provision, delivering coordination, efficiencies and improving referral processes and pathways.  

Young Legal Aid Lawyers

We are pleased that The Legal Education Foundation is supporting the Young Legal Aid Lawyers in an aligned grant to Justice Together. 

YLAL will be developing a long term evidence-based campaign for a sustainable legal aid system that promotes social mobility and diversity in the sector.  This will include and build upon YLAL’s successful campaign related to cuts in legal aid asylum rates. The research undertaken as part of the campaign will help YLAL develop a greater understanding of the issues with the recruitment and advancement of junior lawyers in the immigration sector and corresponding issues with diversity, retention and social mobility.