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Our vision & mission

Justice Together is a funder collaboration that aims to operate for a decade. As well as offering funding, we will support our grant partners to build the power and influence of people with lived and learned experience of the immigration system and embed anti-racism strategies.

Our vision is that people who use the immigration system can access justice fairly and equally, so that they can get on with their lives.

Our mission is to build a community of people and organisations with diverse backgrounds, strengths, and experience to transform access to justice in the UK immigration system. Through grant-making and collaboration, we will connect lived experience, front-line advice and influencing strategies to create lasting change.

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New research: thousands of Londoners missing out on immigration advice

A new report provides evidence about the scale and characteristics of demand for and supply of immigration legal advice in London. A Huge Gulf: Demand and Supply for Immigration Legal Advice in London was commissioned by the Justice Together Initiative and Paul Hamlyn Foundation, and was funded by the Greater London Authority.

The report explores the complex advice networks in the capital, and sets out a series of recommendations including improving the recruitment, training and retention of the immigration advice sector, increasing casework capacity and securing longer term sustainable funding for the sector.

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