What we do

The initiative responds to the challenges faced by the legal advice sector, and evidence that people in communities around the UK are struggling to access justice.

Our approach

We are committed to using a different approach to making long-term impact. In line with our values, we will bring together organisations across the UK to use their collective power to leverage change in the immigration system, and to influence how the sector operates and how immigration advice is funded.  Justice Together is rooted in the belief that a better coordinated and more strategic approach that is driven by lived experience will help address systemic challenges. We are committed to learning to be a better anti-racist partner and to supporting an equitable involvement and leadership of people with lived experience of the immigration system.

Our change goals 

We want to build a collaborative partnership that will combine lived and learned experience, frontline evidence and influencing to work towards achieving the following outcomes: 

  1. A fair, timely and accessible immigration system. 
  2. A more sustainably resourced immigration advice and legal system. 
  3. A more accessible, sustainable, collaborative, and co-ordinated sector to strengthen and increase access to immigration advice and legal provision. 

Our values

Equity and human rights: everybody has the right to access justice fairly and equally. 

Collaboration and partnership: The essence of the initiative is partnership and collaboration, with lived experience of the immigration system at its heart.   

Inclusion: We value the many different perspectives and experiences of all those involved with the immigration system, recognising the importance of listening and working together to effect change. 

Anti-racism: We recognise the systemic racism in the immigration system; we will embed an anti-racist approach in all our work and support those we work with to do the same. 

Learning: We value the sharing of learning between partners, and will listen, respond and adapt.

Trust: We trust our partners and value their expertise. We stand in solidarity with our partners and recognise that change takes time.  

Courage: We will approach complexity with courage and ambition, and be open to new solutions to entrenched problems.

You can read our published strategy here.