Our grant partners

This section includes details of the organisations we fund as advice or influencing partners in the initiative.

Advice and representation grant partners

Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit

PartnersBoaz Trust, Asylum Link Merseyside, British Red Cross, Revive and Manchester Refugee Support Network (MRSN)

This funding will create the foundations of a structure to underpin a collaborative, strategic approach to transforming access to immigration legal advice in the North West of England. This includes investment in specialist legal advice for the future; securing provision of existing immigration advice services; and providing training, supervision, and development opportunities to people with lived experience and partner agencies to meet the needs of people most marginalised in the immigration system.

Amount awarded: £486,437

Area: North West of England

JustRight Scotland

This grant will increase and strengthen capacity for the Scottish Refugee & Migrant Centre (SRMC) to deliver legal advice through existing collaborations and develop new collaborations and referral pathways through the creation of a new solicitor post. The grant will also include investment in the SRMC Just Citizens project (panel of experts by lived experience). This will better ensure lived experience informs their approach to developing models of advice with partners, as well as enabling JRS policy and influencing work to be led by the combination of front-line data and lived experience.

Amount awarded: £200,000

Area: Scotland

North East Law Centre

PartnersAction Foundation, North of England Refugee Service, Justice First

This grant will create a Specialist Immigration Advice Hub to increase access to advice for clients throughout the North East in identified areas of Immigration advice: specialist immigration advice, family reunion, no recourse to public funds cases and cases outside the scope of legal aid, including fresh asylum claims. The aim of the hub model is to build a partnership between expert legal organisations and civil society organisations, to provide consistent, quality assured and holistic support to migrants throughout the North East. The project will also aim to increase internal capacity in partner organisations and increase the number of Level 2 OISC advisors to build sustainable and consistent access to free immigration advice over the lifecycle of the project and build a platform to ensure services are more widely available across the region for years to come.

Support Organisations –  Friends of Drop-in (FODI), International Community Organisation of Sunderland (ICOS), Angelou Centre, Open Door North East, Rainbow Home and West End Refugee Service.

Amount awarded: £600,000

Area: North East of England


PartnersCitizens Rights Project

Settled will increase availability of free, expert and locally accessible legal advice related to the EU Settlement Scheme, by creating two new OISC Level 2 posts in the North West and Scotland and collaborating with local community partners to ensure referrals of vulnerable and isolated EU citizens. Settled will use Justice Together funding to secure designated staff time from Citizens Rights Project to provide community outreach and information in order to raise awareness, identify individuals in need, ensuring access to services and routing them to Settled’s Scotland-based Level 2 adviser.

Amount awarded: £263,558

Area: Scotland and North West of England

Scottish Refugee Council

This project aims to improve experiences and understanding of the asylum and welfare systems of 200 families and improve advice sector collaboration in Scotland by piloting an end-to-end case management model, informing improvements to existing immigration advice systems and testing the concept as a solution to a sustainably resourced immigration advice system in Scotland and the UK.

Scottish Refugee Council will look to work in partnership with Fraser Latta & Co, Legal Services Agency Shelter Scotland, Govan Law Centre, Glasgow City Council Social Work Services, Scottish Government, Scottish Legal Aid Board, Law Society of Scotland, Migrant Help, Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA) Scotland Working Group, Consortium of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) Migration, Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership.

Amount awarded: £200,000

Area: Scotland

Influencing grant partners

Citizens UK

PartnersRefugee, Asylum and Migration Policy (RAMP) and Small Axe

This funding will expand Citizens UK’s reach through two part-time organisers from diaspora communities with lived experience of the immigration system and its impact. The organisers will work with migrant communities across the country on access to justice campaigns and have the support (policy, parliamentary, communications) needed to turn their organising into change. The grant will include formal training and collaboration on policy and advocacy through RAMP and communications and digital organising through Small Axe. The specific regions of focus are yet to be determined but will connect with Justice Together’s goals.

Amount awarded: £165,000

Area: England & Wales

Hibiscus Initiatives

This core funding will enable Hibiscus to set up an Influencing Department within the organisation designed to leverage data from the grassroots, to advocate for legislation and policy change and to create platforms for those with lived experience to become agents of change in reducing inequalities in the immigration system.

Amount awarded: £150,000

Area: England & Wales

Reunite Families UK

This grant will aid Reunite Families UK’s transition into a charity and creation of an umbrella network of local/national migration groups representing those affected by the UK’s restrictive family immigration rules. We will increase support for families navigating the system; provide opportunities for localised action; gather evidence; inform legal action; and influence a fairer family migration system.

Amount awarded: £90,000

Area: United Kingdom

Rights of Women

This grant will fund influencing work that results in improved access to advice, rights and protections for migrant women who are vulnerable due to Violence Against Women and Girls. Rights of Women will use a joined-up approach that connects our evidence base, learning and provision as a frontline and second tier specialist advice provider to make strategic policy interventions.

Amount awarded: £195,000

Area: England & Wales

Migrant Centre NI

PartnerWomen’s Resource and Development Agency

This core funding grant will fund a Northern Ireland-based Lobbying and Advocacy project aimed at legislative and media influencing, movement building and coalition leadership to advocate for a more just immigration system. Migrant Centre NI will gather evidence on the impacts of the hostile environment and NRPF (No Recourse to Public Funds) from service users, which will inform lobbying work at the UK and NI level. A gender justice lens will be applied to this to advocate for women with no recourse to public funds including victims of domestic violence and female frontier workers living and working between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

Amount awarded: £120,000

Area: Northern Ireland

Rainbow Migration, formerly known as UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group (UKLGIG)

This grant will provide funding for policy work, strategic litigation, and strategic communications to make the asylum system fairer for LGBTQI+ people. We will be working directly with refugee, migration and LGBTQI+ NGOs. We aim to build a network of organisations supporting LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum.

Amount awarded: £200,000

Area: United Kingdom

Women for Refugee Women

This funding will support research on how to persuade key audiences most effectively on the need for a fair, timely and accessible immigration system. Together with our regional partners through the Sisters Not Strangers coalition and Women for Refugee Women’s London network, we will develop and implement an ambitious and creative communications strategy to shift public opinion in this challenging political climate.

Amount awarded: £150,000

Area: England & Wales

Institute for Public Policy Research

PartnersPraxis and Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit

This partnership funding will improve access to justice for people with insecure immigration status and advocate for a fairer and more effective immigration system in light of the ‘New Plan for Immigration’. The campaign priorities and activities within this will be kept within a flexible scope enabling those with lived experience to speak in a truly authentic voice and contribute to decision-making. Through a partnership between IPPR, Praxis and GMIAU, the project aims to generate change through systematic evidence gathering, political influencing and grassroots campaigning; and intrinsically aims to share power and decision making within a campaign.

Amount awarded: £241,731

Area: England

Public Law Project

This funding will create a strategic litigation partnership for the initiative.  PLP will provide strategic public law support to Justice Together partners to support and enhance influencing opportunities arising in the course of partners’ work. PLP will support partners to make decisions about influencing and impact that are legally informed, take into account public law questions of lawfulness and determine together whether strategic litigation is a path to be followed.

Amount awarded: £250,347.00

Area: England & Wales