Frequently asked questions

Can I apply as an individual?

No, the initiative does not provide grants for individuals.

I am interested in applying for both an advice and influencing grant, do I need to submit separate application forms?

You can apply for both advice and influencing grants.

Before applying, please do check our funding updates page. 

Can I apply for an advice grant if I am currently registered at OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) level 1?

The aim of the initiative is to fund at OISC Level 2 or above. We are, however, interested in talking to organisations who are further on their way to gaining level 2. An example of this could be an organisation who has an individual in post with exams that are scheduled to be taken. We will also entertain applications from organisations currently at Level 1 that are part of a collaborative application aiming to increase the number of advisors at specialist levels.

How do you measure lived-experience involvement in proposals submitted?

JTI define an organisation as led by people with lived experience of the immigration system if:

  • The majority of their board members, senior leadership team, and operational staff are people with lived experience (this is quantitative and can be established in a written application, we would look for over 50% of the board as well as some of their senior leadership and/or operational staff.). 
  • And they can demonstrate that they are embedded within and accountable to the community they work with, and they have sufficient mechanisms for this (this is qualitative, could be partly established through written application and should be further assessed through grant assessment discussion) e.g. looking for feedback and consultation mechanisms such as advisory groups for the board
What geographical boundaries are you using, for example, when grants are available in the North East?
Can we post, fax or email you our funding proposal?

No. We only accept applications submitted via our online process.

I already have a grant from The Legal Education Foundation. Can I apply for funding from the Justice Together initiative?

Yes, we give  grants to organisations in the LEF portfolio.

Do you provide feedback on why our application was rejected?

Yes we do. If your application is rejected, the email will include the main reason(s) we were unable to support your work and guidance on how to get in touch for further feedback.