Frequently asked questions

Can I apply as an individual?

No, the initiative does not provide grants for individuals.

How much can we apply for?

Please apply for the amount you need to deliver the proposed work. We expect to fund salaries at a reasonable level, as well as supervision, direct costs and overheads. As the initiative starts to make grants  initiative, we will update the website with the average size of grant.

Can we post, fax or email you our funding proposal?

No. We only accept applications submitted via our online process.

I already have a grant from The Legal Education Foundation. Can I apply for funding from the Justice Together initiative?

Yes, we give  grants to organisations in the LEF portfolio.

When will advice grants be available in my area?

The first  round of advice grants is available in the North East and North West of England and Scotland, with decisions being made at the end of April 2021. Following this, advice grants in other UK nations and regions will become available over 2021 – 2022.Please join our mailing list to find out when grants become available in new areas.

What geographical boundaries are you using, for example, when grants are available in the North East?

We are following the government office regions for England. This map shows the counties and main cities.

Do you provide feedback on why our application was rejected?

Yes we do. If your application is rejected, the email will include the main reason(s) we were unable to support your work. You may also phone us for further feedback.