Grant partners

We believe we can transform the immigration system by working alongside our grantees as partners in our mission. The initiative offers grant partners the opportunity to be part of a wider cohort for change through convening and shared learning.

Our commitment to our grant partners

We will:

  • Listen and be guided by their input and experience. 
  • Respond to the needs expressed by people with lived and learned experience of the immigration system.
  • Provide funding that allows organisations flexibility to address threats and opportunities
  • Meet the costs of participating in the initiative including travel to convenings.
  • Offer additional support including clinical supervision for advice partners, development and understanding of racial justice principles and creation of data collection methods. 

What we expect from our grant partners

  • Participation in learning and networking events convened by the initiative.
  • Willingness to work alongside others in the sector and the initiative.
  • A commitment to developing organisational work and strategies in partnership with people with lived experience of the immigration system.
  • Development and implementation of an anti–racist approach.
  • For advice partners, willingness to work with the initiative on collecting key data and sharing with influencing partners (where appropriate). 
  • For influencing partners, willingness to respond to evidence emerging from other grant partners about needs and priorities for change.